Remember When Getting Mail Was a Pleasure?

Subscribe to receive real art in the mail every month. Letters personally addressed to you and illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings. Watch this video for more information, then click the button below to subscribe for yourself or a friend. Subscriptions are just $5 per month.  

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Do you remember when getting mail was a pleasure? Bring those days back, for yourself or a friend.

Letters from a Small Town is a monthly subscription to get real mail in your mailbox. Each month you will receive a letter containing true stories about life in Bynum, North Carolina - a tiny town located on the banks of the Haw River. It is a village of friendly, quirky neighbors, interesting history, and beautiful fields and forests.

These letters, illustrated with watercolor paintings, will offer a glimpse into a place where people gather to collaborate, to celebrate, and to create a community that is unique and just right for them.

For just $5 per month, you will receive a letter hand-addressed to you Get a little love in your mailbox, each and every month.

You can subscribe as a gift for yourself, or give a subscription to a friend.